Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have had disruption in the uptake of the HPV vaccinations which has led to a decreased uptake of HPV vaccinations compared to past years.

The long-term impact of this is that we expect to have higher cancer rates and genital warts in the upcoming years in men and women than in the past as they have inadvertently missed out on this important vaccination. Having the vaccine before sexual activity has commenced means children will be less likely to develop HPV-related cancers or genital warts in the future.
If your child has missed out on receiving this 2 dose course, or you unsure of your child’s vaccination status, please contact Immunisation at Mitchell Shire Council on 5734.6355 or email immunisation@mitchellshire.vic.gov.au for more information.
HPV is a two-dose vaccination that requires a minimum spacing interval of six months between doses. The HPV vaccine is most effective when given to children younger than 14 as research shows that younger people create more antibodies to the vaccine than those aged in their late teens. This is why those who missed out in Year 7 and/or are aged 15 and over require a 3 dose course. We will be attending Wallan Secondary College on Monday the 24th October 2022 and any outstanding vaccinations can be commenced then if we receive a completed Consent form.
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