WSC Recognised as an Eco-School

We are so excited to share the amazing environmental work that is being undertaken by our staff and students to improve sustainability at WSC.
WSC is proud to announce that we are now recognised as an eco-school. 

This accreditation is internationally recognised and adds us to about 59,000 schools also participating in engaging the youth of today to protect the planet of tomorrow.
Many are aware of the College being a collection point for 'Bread Tags for Wheelchairs'. With the assistance of the local community, we have, over the course of the year, been able to collect kilos of bread tags for recycling by, Transmutation, in Robe, SA and the monies raised are used to fund wheelchairs. They are currently recycling 250kg of bread tags every month, approaching a total of 7 tonnes recycled to date.
We have recently installed a cup and can collection station to recycle takeaway coffee/softdrink cups and cans instead of them ending up in landfill. With more units planned for around the College.
The aim this month is to set up our composting program with the assistance of our brilliant science learning area, led by Ms Rebecca Cook and Mr Bevan Sharman.
Our Environmental Club, whilst still in the early stages, have lots of fabulous ideas designed to better educate our school community and reduce our footprint. If students are wanting to join, they should email Ms Cook.
Students, don't forget to come along to Environmental Media Monday, every Monday at lunchtime in the auditorium.
Stay tuned for more updates on our sustainable practices.

@2022 Wallan Secondary College