Waste - Less Wednesday

As part of our school’s commitment to reducing our waste to landfill, we are holding a waste-less lunch day on Wednesday 9th November during National Recycling Week.

The healthy zero waste lunch day encourages our students and school community to reduce the amount of waste we produce.


We are challenging students to bring a packed lunch from home that contains no throwaway packaging and produces only food waste that can be composted.

The typical waste-free lunch is packed in a reusable lunchbox or bag and a drink is in a refillable bottle.

Fruit and vegetable scraps (e.g. apple cores and banana skins) will be composted at the school through our compost system.

Australia is one of the highest producers of waste per person in the western world. The average student’s lunch generates around 3 kg of waste per school year. If you consider the impact of the collective lunches of your family, that’s a lot of waste. But with your assistance, we can make a great contribution towards avoiding waste.

By helping your child pack a waste-free lunch you will help fulfill a number of goals:

  • Learn about waste avoidance and recovery, including reuse and recycling.
  • Reduce the 13 million tons of lunch waste currently going to landfill in Australia.
  • Reduce the cost of waste disposal so the school’s resources can be put to better use.
  • Minimise litter around the school due to less waste becoming litter.
  • Encourage healthy eating by avoiding pre-packaged foods which tend to be high in fats, sugar, sodium and artificial ingredients.
  • Help you save money – an average waste-free lunch can save you $10.50 per week or $397.50 per year per child.

*Students wishing to purchase their lunch from the canteen on this day are encouraged to bring in a reusable container and have their lunch served without the need for excess packaging.

Thank you for supporting your child’s participation in the waste-free lunch day and our school waste and sustainability program.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the waste-free lunch day please contact Rebecca Cook.

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