School Based Apprenticeship

Braydon Maes has commenced a school based apprenticeship in Floor & Wall Tiling with his father’s business, Amaegn Design Tile.


Braydon is enrolled in Year 12 VCE in 2023 but has already completed two VCE subjects. Braydon saw the opportunity to use his spare days productively and having worked numerous times with the employer, he investigated the option of doing a school based apprentice.

His timetable has allowed Braydon to work three days a week and attend Wallan Secondary on the remaining two days to complete his VCE subjects.
Murray Mallee Training has been nominated as his training provider which will see the training delivered at the workplace, making things somewhat easier for both Braydon and his employer.

Braydon is pictured with his employer Chad Maes.

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