Important Dates



Due to government schools commencing remote and flexible learning arrangement’s primary schools may be unable to distribute the 2020 Parent/Carer Transition Information Pack to Year 6 families from the start of Term 2. The Parent/Carer Pack contains the Application for Year 7 Placement 2021 form (the Application form).


Your Primary School will make arrangements with you regarding how you should return the Application form (e.g. by email, post or by other means) by the revised due date of  Friday 29 May 2020


If you choose to return the Application form via email, but are unable to sign the form, you should clearly indicate in return email that you authorize the Application form without a signature. This authorization email should be attached to the Application form and will be forwarded to the preferred secondary school, or schools.


As part of revised timeline, the date that parents/carers are required to return their Application for Year 7 Placement 2021 form is Friday 29 May 2020


Primary schools will notify families of their child’s Year 7 placement offer on Wednesday 19 August 2020


The adjusted timeline still includes the statewide placement appeals process. The revised dates are now as follows:


Monday 31 August - Closing date for parents/carers to lodge a written appeal with their preferred secondary school.


Friday 11 September - Secondary schools provide parents/carers with written notification of appeal outcome.


Friday 25 September - Closing date for parents/carers to lodge a written appeal with relevant Regional Director (RD).


Friday 30 October - Regions notify parents/carers of outcome of RD appeal.


There are currently no plans to alter the date of the statewide Orientation Day. This event remains scheduled for Tuesday 8 December 2020



Transition from Primary to Secondary School is a major event in a child's educational pathway. The following information is aimed to support and inform families on the statewide placement timeline and procedures for 2020-2021 for Victorian Government Schools. For more information to make for a smooth transition visit Moving from Primary to Secondary School: Information for Families and Tips for Starting School

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