Homework Guidelines

Homework Guidelines


The expectation will be that Students:

  • ensure they know what homework is required of them each evening and complete their tasks
  • check their Compass Learning Tasks
  • let their teacher know if they don’t understand the set task, well before the due date
  • record their homework task, including due dates, in their diary
  • establish regular routines to complete homework
  • meet the timeline for the task
  • complete homework to a high standard
  • negotiate with their teacher any adjustments to set deadlines, if there are extenuating circumstances only
  • become increasingly self-regulated in completing revision and review
  • in the senior school fully complete all set homework including holiday homework


Parents/Guardians can help by:

  • encouraging their child to take homework seriously and complete all homework requirements
  • acknowledging that a set time is dedicated to homework
  • assisting in the development of effective time management habits
  • Providing space and opportunity at home for effective learning, that is quiet and comfortable, with good lighting and ventilation and appropriate resources
  • talking about learning goals and asking questions about learning strategies
  • helping their child to acquire any resources they may need for learning, ie laptops, graphic calculators
  • checking Compass and diaries, knowing their child's deadlines to encourage them to meet these and sign the diary when required
  • asking to see assessment tasks
  • encouraging higher standards
  • providing their child's teacher with prompt feedback if your child is experiencing any difficulties and communicate any homework issues to the teacher via the student’s diary or a phone call
  • providing their child with encouragement to be increasingly independent as they progress through school
  • celebrating achievements



Homework Time
These are suggested hours for homework. Be aware that at certain times during the year study and completion of work requirements and assessment tasks may take extra time.


Year Level

Home Study Per Week


5-7 hours


5-7 hours


7-10 hours


10-12 hours


12-15  hours


15-18 hours


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