Mathematics is an essential and vital part of Wallan Secondary College in Years 7-12 in accordance with The Australian Curriculum.


Our students are provided with many opportunities to develop confidence in their mathematical ability. In addition to textbook based learning and skills consolidation, students work through a range of diverse learning activities to learn how mathematics is applied in the real world and how they can use their skills capably and confidently. ICT is incorporated into the curriculum, and the online Mathletics program is used. Year 11-12 students use the TI-nspire calculator.


Our Maths teachers are committed teachers who willingly support their students during and after class sessions. Tutorials sessions are held after school on Mondays for students to further develop their skills and understanding of concepts, or just to have an opportunity to complete homework with a Mathematics teacher assisting nearby. We also offer students elective mathematics subjects at year 9 and 10. Each year a number of our students participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition and many have achieved outstanding results and received High Distinction, Distinction and Credit certificates for their efforts.


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