Vision & Values

Wallan Secondary College educates, motivates and supports students to become responsible and respectful citizens, engaged in lifelong learning. All students have access to diverse academic and technical pathways that prepare them for a successful, productive and rewarding future.

"Berbudi, Berbakti"

Budi and bakti are both loan words from Sanskrit (the 'Latin' of much of South and Southeast Asia); Sanskrit words are common in mottos, business names and so on, and continue to be popular as a source of new words in Indonesian.

ber- is a verbal prefix meaning 'to do/to be/to have'

berbudi: 1. to have intellect/sense, etc. 2. intelligent, smart, sensible, wise, level-headed 3. to have a good character; to be honest.
berbakti: 1. to be loyal/faithful/devoted (to)

Both words have a range of meanings that communicate 'being an educated person with good values and being of service to one's family, community and country.'


Our Vision

Wallan Secondary College will be a leader in state education. It will be at the forefront of educational initiatives, programs and policies. Wallan Secondary College will apply exceptional teaching and learning practices that inspire and engage students to achieve excellence in all that they do. It will become the local school of choice for families seeking quality educational options for their children.


Our Values

Respect Responsibility Resilience


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