Wallan Secondary College's curriculum is based on the National Curriculum / AusVELS, VCE study designs, the VCAL program and acredited VET courses.


Middle School Curriculum
Years 7 - 9

The Year 7 - 9 currciulum is based on the Australian National Curriculum. Our students study subjects from a range of Learning Areas, including: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Health and Physical Education, The Arts, Design Technology and Languages. When starting out at the College, in Year 7 and 8, our students complete core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Languages - Indonesian, and Health and Physical Education. They then complete Semester long rotations of other subjects like: Art, Multimedia, Food Technology, Design Technology and Music. These rotation subjects allow students to make a more informed decision as to what they would like to select as their electives from Year 9 onwards. In Year 9 students continue their studies of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Health and Physical Education, and then choose an additional three subjects for each Semester. All Learning Areas at the College offer a range of elective subjects.


Our curriculum in Year 7 - 9 offers a broad range of subjects to allow students to challenge themselves and to make informed decisions about the subjects they will study with the future.

For more specific information about what is taught in each subject at each year level, please click on the Curriculum Documentation link on the right side of this page to access our Curriculum Booklets. Or you can click the WSC Curriculum link and view each Learning Area's page.

Senior School Curriculum
Year 10

Wallan Secondary College's Year 10 curriculum is primarily based on the Australian National Curriculum. Students continue with their core studies in English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities and their chosen electives, but may now also choose to engage in VET studies or, for those who can demonstrate academic rigor, commence their VCE studies. These additional choices mean that our students can begin developing their own individual pathway to suit their learning needs. In Year 10 students may choose to:

  • complete only Year 10 subjects, or
  • complete a combination of Year 10 subjects and one VCE Unit 1 & 2 Level, or
  • complete a combination of Year 10 subjects and one VET unit, or


For further information about our Year 10 curriculum, click on the Curriculum Documentation link on the right side of this page. Or you can click the WSC Curriculum link to view each Learning Area'a page.


Year 11 and 12

Once in Year 11 our students have a choice of pathways. They may choose to complete the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or they may apply to complete the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). In either of these pathways students can continue or begin to study a VET subject.


When completing VCE, students must complete English and an additional four subjects of their choice in Year 11 and in Year 12. These subjects may include: Chemistry, Psychology, History, Geography, Legal Studies, Studio Arts, Food Technology, Business Management, Biology, Materials Technology and so much more. It is recommended that when selecting subjects students consider their future pathway as well as the subjects they enjoy.


If students apply and are successful in gaining entry in to VCAL they will study a different range of subjects. These subjects include: Literacy, Numeracy, Work Related Skills, Personal Development Skills, VCE Business Management, VCE Information Technology and a VET of choice. VCAL students will attend the College three days per week as well as one day at TAFE and one day of work placement.


At Wallan Secondary College we offer a range of on site and off site VET subjects. Students wishing to enrol in a VET subject can do so through meeting with our Careers and Pathways Manager, Mr Brian Howley. Please note, there is an additional fee to complete a VET subject.


VET subjects available include:

On Site

  • Hospitality
  • Music Production
  • Music Performance
  • Childrens' Services
  • Fashion
  • Languages - Indonesian


Off Site

  • Automotive
  • Engineering
  • Building and Construction



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