The study of English provides the foundation of all education. At Wallan Secondary College we are committed to providing an extensive curriculum which provides students with the skills and experience they require to successfully pursue further education and to navigate the world beyond their schooling.


Every English teacher at Wallan is committed to delivering a flexible curriculum which engages every student and to provide opportunities for each individual to succeed. Our teachers embrace the teaching of English with passion and enthusiasm and inspire our students to develop a life long love of reading and writing.


Students explore themes relevant to their own lives through exciting texts. The reading of 'Parvana' shows Year 7s that not everyone lives as we do and encourages them to appreciate the opportunities given to them. At year 8, students discover Ned Kelly through their reading of 'Black Snake' and discuss whether his actions were heroic or villainous. At year 9 they laugh along to the humorous novel, 'The Whole Business with Kiffo and the Pitbull'. The Year 10 classes explore possibilities and issues relevant to the future assisted by the text 'The Hunger Games.' At VCE, year 11 students write on the theme of 'Conflict' and discuss how we and society deal with different types of conflict. Year 12s study the theme of 'Identity and Belonging', looking at what has made them who they are today through the study of a film and written texts.


Students are taught to express themselves fluently and creatively. They are exposed to a range of different writing styles including narrative, poetry, persuasive, letters, expository, analytical, a range of media types, and many more. Teachers encourage students to experiment with a range of writing types, a broad vocabulary and effective language techniques. Students learn what kinds of language are most influential on an audience and how to convince others of their point of view.


English at Wallan Secondary College prepares students for the vast array of pathways they may choose to pursue. They are well prepared to undertake the VCE or VCAL, they are taught the skills required to complete job applications and workplace communication and they learn the art of public speaking and presentation. We encourage our students to embrace reading for pleasure and enjoyment. Our students are on their way to success!


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