Wallan Secondary College offers students the chance to study VET programs as part of their Senior School studies.


VET enables students to learn from practical experience from training institutions and actual workplaces to gain an industry-recognised qualification. Please note the following key elements of VET studies:

  • A Statement of attainment will be issued at the end of each year of study
  • Certificates are issued by the Registered Training Authority (RTO), upon completion of programs


VET programs - depending of sufficient student numbers will be offered in:

  • Automotive– Certificate 2
  • Engineering
  • Beauty Therapy – Certificate 2
  • Building and Construction – Certificate 2
  • Childrens Services Work – Certificate 2
  • Engineering – Certificate 2 & 3
  • Equine Studies – Certificate 2
  • Hairdressing – Certificate 2
  • Hospitality (Operations) – Certificate 2


Costs and Charges

All VET courses are accredited through a Registered Training Authority (RTO). The College collects fees to cover registration costs and some material costs. Please ensure that your choice of VET program is carefully selected with assistance from College staff as fees are non refundable and cannot be transferred to another course once the program has commenced.


VET fees must be finalised before Students are eligible for credit if they have completed, or are completing, training in a nationally recognised VET qualification that is not included in the suite of approved VCE/VET and School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships programs. Strict guidelinesdetermin e what credit will be allocated to VCE or VCAL for full or partial completion of a nationally recognised qualification.

VET Block Credit Arrangements

Students who are interested in gaining these qualifications must discuss the arrangements with the Student Pathways Manager prior to making final arrangements. A large number of providers are available for training. The costs per provider vary. Some programs are quite expensive and the cost is to be covered by the student apart from a small government subsidy. This does not apply to all programs. Please see the Student Pathways Manager for further details. Wide ranges of programs are available. The Student Pathways Manager will assist with choosing the most suitable for individual needs.Recognition of VET and Further Education (FE) within the VCE and the VCAL means that students who complete all or part of a nationally recognised qualification may receive credit towards satisfactory completion of their VCE and/or VCAL.


Recognition arrangements are as follows:

  • through enrolment in a VCAA-approved VCE VET program, or a School-based Apprenticeship or Traineeship
  • through enrolment in any other nationally recognised qualification – this arrangement is called Block Credit Recognition.


What are the benefits of undertaking VET as part of the VCE or VCAL?


An Overview of VET in Schools

Schools are able to offer senior secondary students programs selected from the range of industry areas approved by the VCAA.


Successful completion of VET in a senior secondary program can provide students with:

  • a VCE and/or VCAL certificate issued by the VCAA, and a VET certificate issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • two Statements of Results issued by the VCAA giving details of units completed in the VCE and units of competency completed in the VET qualification
  • an enhanced ATAR which can improve access to further education
  • pathways into employment and/or further VET qualifications
  • workplace experience including structured workplace learning.


Students value VET because it:

  • allows them to combine general and vocational studies which for many, provides a practical focus in a range of industry areas
  • provides direct experience of business and industry.


Employers value VET because it:

  • contributes to the development of entry level skills for their industry
  • provides students with a practical and focused introduction to workplace requirements
  • enhances the employability of students
  • enables industry to contribute to educational programs in schools
  • enables industry to participate in local community networks.


Students can undertake VET within their senior secondary certificate in the following ways:

  • VCE VET programs
  • Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • Block Credit Recognition


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